You asked: How do you start the main quest in Clockwork City?

How do I start the Clockwork City Questline?

To The Clockwork City is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City. The quest begins by starting it in the collections interface, by talking to Eldrasea Deras, or by talking to Lilatha if the quest “Of Knives and Long Shadows” has been completed.

Where does the main quest start?

To start the main quest normally, the Vestige can travel to their alliance starter city (Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, or Vulkhel Guard) and find a Hooded Figure, who will allow them to start the quest “Soul Shriven in Coldharbour.”

How many quests are in Clockwork City?

There are four daily quest NPCs in Clockwork City. They are located a short distance from the Brass Fortress Wayshrine (see map below).

How do I start the DLC quests in eso?

You can access ESO Plus unlocked DLC through the Stories tab of the Collections menu.

  1. Open the Collections menu.
  2. Select the Stories tab, which is the icon in the middle that looks like an open book with an arrow (see image below)
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Where does Elsweyr main quest start?

There is a traveller near a bridge outside the town. They will start you on the main quest for Elsweyr. If you mean the main, main quest then head to Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch or Auridon – depending on what alliance you are in.

How do I start the vvardenfell main quest?

If you have the Morrowind DLC you will start in Vvardenfell. To access the main quest line go to Vulkel Guard and you will be approached by a hooded stranger. You can leave Vvardenfell by any active wayshrine. You can travel to KR or Auridon from there.

How long is ESO main quest?

5 Answers. The game technically never ends because they continue to randomize quests after you have completed all of the handcrafted quests. The main quest itself is supposed to take around 30 hours for an average game.

Where can I transmute in eso?

A Transmutation Station can be found within the heart of the Brass Fortress in the Clockwork City, or you can purchase a personal Transmutation Station for your home from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Merchant found in each faction’s capital city.

Where is Clockwork City eso?

Clockwork City is a zone available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City. It is a mechanical city created by Sotha Sil, that exists outside space and time. The city is contained within a “snowglobe”-like Celestiosphere inside Seht’s Vault, deep below Mournhold in Deshaan.

Where is assistant Zanon’s workshop?

Find Associate Zanon in his workshop in the Reactor District of the Brass Fortress.

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How do I become a citizen in Clockwork City?

Gain sponsorship in order to become a citizen of the Clockwork City. The High Elf explorer, Neramo, and his two associates, Kireth and Raynor, have a plan to win the sponsorship of an influential Clockwork Apostle named Varuni Arvel. We’ll need her support to become bonafide citizens of the Clockwork City.

How long is Clockwork City DLC?

How long does it take to beat Clockwork City in The Elder Scrolls Online? The estimated time to complete all 6 Clockwork City achievements for The Elder Scrolls Online is 10-12 hours.

How do you get the Skyshard in Clockwork City?

On the lip of the Skybridge. – In the Brass Fortress, accessed via the Reactor District. Enter Asylum Sanctorum, use one of the rooms off to the side of the Trial Portal to go upstairs. Exit to the Skybridge and make your way to the skyshard.