What is T2 mode in digital watch?

Watch can display time in a second time zone. Press MODE repeatedly until T2 appears. To set 2nd time zone’s time: 1) Press SET and hold for 2 seconds. Hour flashes.

What is T2 in Sonata watch?

Stop Watch , Dual Time ( The Second Time T2 can be set for any country in intervals of 1/2 Hr or 1 Hr only which is excellent feature. 5 Alarms. Hourly Alarm if needed. Count Down Timer.

How do I reset my digital watch?

Use the “Start/Stop” and “Split/Reset” buttons to set your digital watch to the correct hour and minute increments, as described in the previous section. Press “Mode” to display the “Date” setting screen, or alternatively, use the “Split/Reset” button to advance after setting the time to move to the required screen.

What is CHM in digital watch?

You have chime mode enabled. This will help you to get the time without looking into your watch. It helps me a lot at exam times.

What is ST and STP in watch?

ST/STP – Stop. (time Out)

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Which country made Sonata?

Made in India watches from Sonata are not only stylish but they also cater to all customers’ needs, providing them watches in a range of reasonable prices. From exquisite to formal watches, Sonata has a vivid range of products under its name.

How do you set a digital watch with two buttons?

How to Set a Basic 2 Button Digital Watch

  1. Step 1: Month. Press set (bottom) button till it matches the watch in the photo. …
  2. Step 2: Day. Press set (bottom) button till it matches the watch in the photo. …
  3. Step 3: Hour. Press set (bottom) button till it matches the watch in the photo. …
  4. Step 4: Minute. …
  5. Step 5: Finish.

What does St mean on a watch?

ST = ST opwatch mode. DT = Dual Time.

How do I stop my digital watch from beeping every hour?

How do I stop the watch from beeping every hour? Answer: Press and hold the bottom right button; this displays the alarm. At the same time, press the bottom left to toggle the hourly chime.

How do I reset my 4 button digital watch?

Usually you use the mode button to select the time. Then you hold the mode button down til something blinks. Then usually the right bottom button will change that thing.

How do I adjust my digital watch?

To change settings, you’ll first need to switch your watch to Time Mode, which will allow you to adjust things like the time, date, day of the week, and more. Once you’re in Time Mode, you’ll use a button to move through and modify settings. When it’s set, you’re ready to use your watch.

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How do you turn off the alarm on a Sanda watch?

Press and hold the SPLIT/RESET button to view the Alarm Time. 3. To turn the Alarm ON or OFF, press the START/STOP button while holding down the SPLIT/RESET button (the bell icon in the upper right-hand corner of the display is on when the Alarm is turned ON).

How do I turn off the SIG on my Casio watch?

On the bottom-left corner of your Casio, you find the “C” button. Pressing this button helps you disable the hourly time feature. You’re sure the feature is not able anymore if its signal icon (a bell) can’t be seen any more on the screen.