What does yellow clock in Outlook mean?

A green tick means that recipients are available to contact. A yellow clock signals that they are away, and their computer has been idle, while a red dot means that they are busy.

What do the colors mean on Microsoft Outlook?

Green means you are connected. Yellow means you are not connected. I believe Yellow means server information appears correct but user information doesn’t work. (Usually an incorrect password.) Red means Outlook doesn’t have the correct server settings and can’t find the server.

How can you tell if someone is online in Outlook?

Turn online status on or off in Outlook

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Other tab.
  2. Under Person Names, select the Display online status next to a person name check box.
  3. Optionally, select the Display online status in the To and Cc fields only when mouse pointer rests on a person name check box.

What does yellow dot on email mean?

Unlike the red dot indicating that a contact is busy, the yellow dot only indicates that a contact’s computer is idle. The yellow dot does not indicate an exact reason why the person is away or even if he is actually away. You can still send this person an instant message and he may answer you immediately or not.

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What does the orange circle mean on Outlook?

The colored dot next to people indicates their Stage. Red = Lead. Orange = Potential. Green = Active. Blue = Inactive.

What do Colours mean on email?

You’ll find plenty of claims out there touting the meaning of colors: red conveys courage, yellow implies optimism, green means balance, or blue suggests trust. … The grey-blue color accents are soothing (more on that later) while black text on grey and white make it easy for you to scan the email quickly.

Can someone read my emails without me knowing?

The short answer is: If they don’t want you to know, generally there is a way to prevent you from knowing about it. The system does track the Last Logged In user for a mailbox, but that attribute isn’t easily viewable without the Admin Tools. The Admin Tools that would be used to view the same mailbox.

Does Outlook show when you read an email?

Microsoft Outlook supports the use of read receipts that notify you when the email is opened by the recipient. These receipts can be enabled for all emails or for only a single email.

How long before Outlook shows away?

Click the File tab in Outlook, and then click the Turn off button in the Automatic Replies panel. (It can take up to thirty minutes for the note to disappear from your Lync display.)

How do I color code my Outlook contacts?

Organize your contacts with color categories

  1. Click People. …
  2. Right-click the contact you want to categorize, click Categorize, and then click the color you want.
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How do I get rid of busy status in outlook?

For Microsoft Outlook 2010 or later versions:

  1. Select the File tab, and then select Options.
  2. On the left pane, select Calendar.
  3. Select the Free/Busy Options button, select the Permissions tab, and then select Other Free/busy.
  4. Select OK to exit.

How do I show availability in Outlook?

Adding your Calendar Availability to an Email in Outlook

  1. Open Outlook for Windows.
  2. Select New Email from the ribbon.
  3. Select the Insert Tab.
  4. Select Calendar.
  5. Select the Calendar you wish to share from the Calendar drop-down menu. …
  6. Select the Date Range you wish to share from the Date Range drop-down menu.

How do I change the idle time in Outlook?

This is how you can do this:

  1. Open MS Outlook. Go to File> Info> Account Settings.
  2. Select the default email account and click on Change.
  3. Verify your details and click on More Settings.
  4. Under Server Timeouts, modify the length of time according to your need and then use the OK button to finish the process.