How do you set a Timex Expedition Indiglo digital watch?

Press and hold the Set button until “Time Zone” flashes on-screen. The Set button is located at the top left side of the watch face. At this point you’ll also be able to choose if you’re in daylight savings time or not. Choose accordingly.

How do you set a Timex Expedition Indiglo watch?

Hold down the “Set” button on the upper-left edge of the watch to start setting the time. The time zone field flashes. Push the “Start/Split” or “Stop/Reset “ buttons on the upper-right and lower-right edge of the watch respectively to choose the first or second time zone.

How do I set the time on my Timex Expedition digital watch?

Press the “Mode” button on the Expedition WS4 watch until it displays the time. Press the “Set” button. Press the “Start/Split” button to increase the time or the “Stop/Reset” button to decrease the time. Press the “Set” button again to set the time.

How do you adjust a Timex watch band?

Locate the tiny screws that secure the removable links on your Timex watch band. Use a 1 mm optical or jewelry screwdriver to remove the screws on each side of the watch link to free it. Turn the screws counterclockwise to loosen them. Remove additional Timex watch band links using the same process.

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