Can you use a pendulum clock in a satellite?

In an earth satellite the net acceleration due to the gravity is zero so the bob of the pendulum will be weightless and it will not oscillate. Thus the pendulum clock cannot be used in an earth satellite.

Why can’t we use a pendulum to work as a clock in satellite?

Infinite time period implies that the pendulum will not oscillate at all inside the satellite. So, a pendulum clock cannot be used inside a satellite.

What will happen if a pendulum clock is brought inside an artificial satellite?

If a pendulum clock is brought inside an artificial satellite, then the time period of the clock becomes. … In summer season, the effective length of the pendulum clock is lengthened (increased length), so its time period is also increased and consequently the clock becomes slow.

Would a pendulum clock work in space?

As you point out, one can’t use a pendulum clock in space because there is no constant gravitational force. However, there are many ways to keep time, a pendulum clock on Earth is only one of many. All you need is a steady oscillator and a method of counting the beats.

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Can pendulum watch give correct time in artificial satellite?

Can a pendulum watch gives correct time in an artificial satellite explain? No, in an artifical satellite, the body is in weightlessness state, whereg=0. The time period of pendulum watch.

When a pendulum stops where does the energy go?

When the pendulum stops briefly at the top of its swing, the kinetic energy is zero, and all the energy of the system is in potential energy. When the pendulum swings back down, the potential energy is converted back into kinetic energy. The truly conserved quantity is the sum of kinetic, potential, and thermal energy.

Would a pendulum swing in orbit?

On the earth’s surface, there is a second force acting on our pendulum. This is exerted by whatever is holding up our pendulum against gravity. So the pendulum does work. You could make a pendulum work in a spacecraft in space far away from all stars, planets, etc.

Would a pendulum swing if placed in orbit around the Earth?

According to EK, a pendulum would not swing on an orbiting spacecraft.. Objects in space are in constant free fall towards earth. Since the whole pendulum is in free fall motion, the arm of the pendulum is going at the same speed as the rest of it, and it does not swing.

Would a pendulum work on the moon?

(The force of gravity is less on the moon than on the Earth. Since the force of gravity is less on the Moon, the pendulum would swing slower at the same length and angle and its frequency would be less.)

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Can a pendulum oscillate in artificial satellite?

No, this is because inside the satelite there is no gravity efficietnn i.e. g=0.

Will a pendulum clock gain or lose time when taken to the top of the mountain?

When the pendulum is taken to the top of mountain, the value of ‘g’ will decrease and hence time period will increase. As the pendulum takes more time to complete one vibration, it will lose time.

Can a pendulum oscillate in an artificial satellite explain?

No a pendulum doesn’t vibrate in an artificial satellite as there is no gravity.