Can you get rid of Nike on Apple Watch?

Go to settings on Watch app on your iPhone. The select the Nike run club and turn off show on Watch.

Can I remove Nike logo from Apple Watch?

Yes you can uninstall the app or choose not to show it on the Nike+ Apple Watch.

How do you turn off Nike+ Apple Watch?

How to turn off Apple Watch

  1. Press and hold the side button until three slider options appear: Power Off, Medical ID, and Emergency SOS.
  2. Slide the Power Off button to the right to turn off Apple Watch.
  3. The Apple Watch user guide notes that you are not able to turn off your Apple Watch while it’s charging.

How do I delete Nike Run Club runs from my Apple Watch?

To do this, go into the Watch app on your paired iPhone, then under the My Watch tab select Nike Run Club. Once you have that page up, turn off the button next to “Show App on Apple Watch”.

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Can you change the display on Nike Apple Watch?

How to customize the watch face on your Apple Watch. Press the Digital Crown to go to the watch face. Touch and hold the display. Swipe left or right to choose a watch face, then tap Edit.

How do I uninstall NRC?


  1. Open Nike Run Club.
  2. Go to the Activity tab.
  3. Tap “History” and select the run to remove.
  4. Tap the three dots on the top of the screen.
  5. Select “Remove” on iOS or “Delete Run” on Android.

Why can’t I turn off my Apple Watch?

Force Apple Watch to restart

If you can’t turn off your Apple Watch or if the problem continues, you may need to force your Apple Watch to restart. … To force restart, hold down the side button and the Digital Crown at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

How do I Unzoom my Apple Watch?

Controlling Zoom

Zoom in or out: Double-tap the Apple Watch display with two fingers. Tip: Double-tap with two fingers while setting up your Apple Watch to get a better look. Move around (pan): Drag the display with two fingers. You can also turn the Digital Crown to pan over the entire page, left-right and up-down.

How do I delete Nike Running Club?

If you still want to delete your Nike Member profile, here’s how:

  1. Sign in to your Nike Member profile.
  2. Access your settings. …
  3. Scroll down and tap or click “Delete.”
  4. Check the box next to “Yes, I want to delete my account” and then tap or click “Delete Your Account.”
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How do I use Nike Run Club on Apple Watch?

In Settings, scroll down and tap “Privacy.” Tap “Health.” Tap “Nike Run Club.” Select the data to share with the Health app.

Choose from:

  1. Active Energy.
  2. Heart Rate.
  3. Walking + Running Distance.
  4. Workouts.

How do you delete runs from Apple Watch?

Swipe the album name to the left and then tap the ellipsis icon. At the action screen, tap the Remove button. The app asks if you want to delete the album from your library or remove this download from the watch. Tap Remove Download and the album is removed from your watch.

How do I change the NRC on my Apple Watch?

Go into your NRC app on your watch and start a run. Where the current metrics are, double click on them with your finger and they will rotate through different options. You can only display 3 metrics on screen at any one time, but you can change all 3 to your preferred metrics.

Can you walk with the Nike running app?

Most people use it for running and bike rides though. Nike Run Club is more focused. Apart from running you can also track walking and jogging with it. Open the app, and you will see a map with the Start button immediately.

How do I edit a Nike run?

Locate the run in the “Activity” tab of the app if you want to adjust the distance at another time. Tap the run and then tap the “Calibrate” button and enter the correct distance. Contact Nike+ to edit any other incorrect information. As of 2013, you can only manually edit the distance of a run.

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