Your question: What age is the house with a clock in its walls?

Age Appropriate For: 10+. This children’s mystery is set after World War II and alludes to the horrors of the war in a few different ways; one character is a Holocaust survivor, although her family was killed, and another character was so altered by the trauma he saw that he turns destructive and murderous.

Is the house with a clock in its walls kid friendly?

Parents need to know that The House with a Clock in Its Walls is based on John Bellairs’ same-named 1970s children’s book. … But it’s definitely a “know your kid” situation: The movie is very creepy, and there are a few scenes that are downright scary/jump-worthy for kids.

What is the movie The House with a Clock in Its Walls about?

The fictional “House with a Clock in Its Walls” was based on the real-life Cronin Mansion in author John Bellairs’ hometown of Marshall, Michigan, which served as the basis for the town of New Zebedee used in his novels.

Is the house with a clock in its walls suitable for 7 year old?

It’s probably not a suitable film for children under 8 years old unless you’d like to sit up with them when they have The House with a Clock related nightmares. That being said, children over that age will enjoy the movie and you might even too. There’s some witty banter between Jack Black and Cate Blanchett.

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Is a house with a clock in its walls PG-13?

“The House with a Clock in Its Walls” is rated PG for thematic elements including sorcery, some action, scary images, rude humor, and language. I expect that rating to be the source of some controversy, as I would classify the film as too dark and scary to qualify for a PG. However … it is not quite PG-13, either.

Is the way of the househusband appropriate for 13 year olds?

The violence is minor, but the level of profanity in the series isn’t appropriate for younger viewers.

What age rating is goosebumps?

Now, Goosebumps books may be meant for ages 7-12, but there’s no way preteens are meant to handle all of the scary monsters at once, right? Yet just because Goosebumps is rated PG and seems as kid friendly as the books were, don’t dismiss it as just for the under-10 set.

What age is Goosebumps movie appropriate for?

The House with a Clock in Its Walls premieres on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 21, and it’s in a good position to have a huge box office run.

Who is the kid in The House with a Clock in its Walls?

Lewis Barnavelt is a weirdo. The newly orphaned 10-year-old protagonist of “The House With a Clock in Its Walls,” played by Owen Vaccaro, goes to live with his uncle Jonathan (Jack Black), who’s a warlock.