You asked: What does the idiom like clockwork mean?

With extreme regularity, as in Ruth arrives every Wednesday morning just like clockwork, or You can count on his schedule, which is regular as clockwork, or Their assembly line runs like clockwork. This idiom alludes to the mechanical and therefore very regular action of a clock. [

Where did the saying like clockwork come from?

The word clockwork to mean the inner workings of a mechanism came into use with the invention of mechanical clocks. The idioms like clockwork and as regular as clockwork came into use in the mid-1700s.

How do you use work like clockwork in a sentence?

very regularly, or at exactly the planned times: Since the recent improvements to the service, the buses are running like clockwork. My daughter always calls me every Friday evening, (as) regular as clockwork.

What does all through that summer the work of the farm went like clockwork mean?

“All through that summer the work of the farm went like clockwork.” Hyperbole (an exaggeration): … There is no way the work of the farm could rest on one animals’ shoulders.

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What is the meaning of a storm in a tea cup?

: a situation in which people are very angry or upset about something that is not important The whole controversy turned out to be a storm in a teacup.

What does the idiom a close shave mean?

a narrow escape from serious danger or trouble: We weren’t hit when the truck swerved at us, but it was a close shave. …

What does get the hang of it mean?

: to learn the skills that are needed to do (something) He was finally getting the hang of his job.

What does from scratch mean?

To create something from scratch is to make it without any ingredients or materials prepared ahead of time. The scratch in from scratch originally referred to the starting line of a race “scratched” into the ground, from which all runners would be starting without a head start.

What is the symbolism in Animal Farm?

Animal Farm, known at the beginning and the end of the novel as the Manor Farm, symbolizes Russia and the Soviet Union under Communist Party rule. But more generally, Animal Farm stands for any human society, be it capitalist, socialist, fascist, or communist.

What is the metaphor in Animal Farm?

Animal Farm is itself a metaphor of the totalitarian system or the Soviet Union respectively, the pigs represent a metaphor for the authorities of the society and each of the other characters in the work implicitly serve as metaphors for other instances as well.

What is a hyperbole in Animal Farm?

Hyperbole – exaggeration for emphasis or effect; an exaggeration. Old Major, Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer all use hyperbole to exaggerate how bad things were under Farmer Jones and how well things are going now that the pigs are in control. … The final commandment the pigs come up with is a perfect example.

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