You asked: What do the lines in between numbers on a clock mean?

If the big hand is an a mark between the numbers, count the marks, then add them to the minutes (clock number times 5). For example: If the big hand is pointing to “3,” you’ll know that it is 15 minutes past the hour. If the big hand is pointing to “12,” it is the top of the hour.

What do the lines mean on a clock?

Most modern clocks have the numbers 1 through 12 printed at equally spaced intervals around the periphery of the face with the 12 at the top, indicating the hour, and on many models, sixty dots or lines evenly spaced in a ring around the outside of the dial, indicating minutes and seconds.

What is the spacing between the numbers on a clock?

2 Answers. Not specific for clocks, you can call it an “interspace” or “interval”. interspace (noun) – A space between two things; an interval.

How many spaces are between two markings on a clock?

The problems in Clocks usually deal with finding the angle between the hour hand and the minute hand, number of times the two hands coincide, etc. The markings on the face of a clock are 60 spaces, one each for a minute.

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What is the second hand of a clock?

The hand that moves around the fastest on an Analog Clock. It shows the number of seconds. There are 60 seconds in a full rotation of one minute.

What is the small hand on the clock?

In an analog clock with minutes, the big hand is the minute hand and the small hand is the hour hand.

What does the big hand on the clock mean?

Students learn that analog clocks have hands and that the hour hand (the little hand) on an analog clock shows the hours and the minute hand (the big hand) shows the minutes. They learn that on a digital clock time is shown with numbers, not hands.

Which hand on the clock is the hour hand?

The short hand is the hour hand. It points to the current hour. The long hand is the minute hand.

Why is it called a clock face?

Historically a part of Lancashire, the village and area is so named because of a large clock face that adorned the Inn. The name was also adopted by a colliery in the area.

How 55 minutes are gained in 60 minutes?

As you say, in one hour the minute hand moves 360∘, which the answer calls 60 minutes. In one hour, the hour hand moves 30∘, so the minute hand gains 330∘=55 minutes. In an hour the hour hand moves to a distance of only 5 minute spaces. But the minute hand moves to a distance of 60 minute spaces.

What is the angle between two hands of a clock when the time is 3 40?

= 110°. Angle traced by minute hand in 60 min. = 360°. = 240°.

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[A]. 120°
[D]. 135°