You asked: Is fitbit a good smartwatch?

The Fitbit Versa 3 is the best overall smartwatch, as it offers a good compromise between price and features. With GPS, Alexa and Google Assistant, and music playback, it has excellent functionality at a more affordable cost than the more high tech Fitbit Sense.

What is the difference between a smartwatch and a Fitbit?

The main difference between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch is the list of features and smart abilities. … Smartwatches have more advanced smart features, too, like music control and built-in Bluetooth (to connect to wireless headphones), built-in mics for calls and voice assistant, and NFC for on-the-go payments.

Which Fitbit watch is the best?

Best Fitbits, in order of preference

  1. Fitbit Versa 3. The best Fitbit overall. …
  2. Fitbit Charge 4. The best Fitbit fitness band – now with built-in GPS! …
  3. Fitbit Versa 2. Particularly if you don’t need GPS, this ‘oldie’ is still worth considering. …
  4. Fitbit Inspire 2. …
  5. Fitbit Charge 3. …
  6. Fitbit Ionic. …
  7. Fitbit Inspire HR. …
  8. Fitbit Ace 3.

Is it worth buying a Fitbit?

Most of the devices can tell you exactly how far you ran, how high your heart rate goes during a workout, and how active you’ve been during a day. … In short: If you don’t care exactly how many steps you’ve taken today or measuring your heart rate over time, a Fitbit probably isn’t worth it for you.

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What is better than a Fitbit?


When it comes to the best Fitbit alternatives, our list is dominated by Garmin. The brand makes a variety of worthy fitness trackers in a range of styles and price points. And for those who don’t like a big watch face strapped to their wrist when working out, consider the Garmin Vivosmart 4.

Is wearing a Fitbit bad for you?

Fitbits emit non-ionizing RF and EMF radiation. Prolonged exposure to both of these, even at extremely low levels has been known to be associated with cancer. … You are better off minimizing your exposure to Fitbit EMF radiation to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer as a result of using the product.

What is the best Fitbit for a woman?

Best Fitbit for women 2021

  • Ladies’ choice: The Versa 3.
  • Most features: The Sense.
  • Charge your day: The Charge 4.
  • Most fashion forward: The Luxe.
  • Back to basics: The Inspire 2.
  • Affordable and excellent: The Versa 2.

Can I use Fitbit without subscription?

Best answer: No, you don’t need to pay for a subscription to use Fitbit software. However, there are some pretty remarkable benefits that come with a paid subscription to Fitbit Coach Premium.

What are the disadvantages of Fitbit?

1. The Fitbit does not send you reminders to move. Unless you look at the data your Fitbit is providing, you may not think to get up from the couch or the computer to go for a quick walk.

Are Fitbits worth it 2021?

Overall, with all the other choices out there for fitness trackers, do I think a Fitbit is worth buying in 2021? Absolutely — with caution because of the points I made above. … At the end of the day, however, a Fitbit is a luxury and it is more than possible to track your fitness levels without one.

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Are Fitbits still popular?

After a year, just 10 percent were still wearing the Fitbits. That finding echoes previous research finding that half of all fitness tracker owners don’t use them.