Why is my Fitbit clock not changing?

In the mobile app’s Advanced Settings, make sure the time zone is set automatically. If it is, but it’s still wrong, turn off this feature and set the time zone manually. You can also set the time zone in the Personal Info settings on Fitbit’s website.

Why is my Fitbit clock face not changing?

Try freeing up some space on your Fitbit by deleting apps or music, restart your Fitbit, and then try changing its clock face. For Fitbits with local music storage, tap the Today tab > profile picture or icon> your Fitbit in the Fitbit app.

How do I fix the clock on my Fitbit?

How do I change the time on my Fitbit device?

  1. In the Fitbit app, tap the Today tab your profile picture App Settings. Time Zone.
  2. Turn off the Set Automatically option.
  3. Tap Time Zone and select the correct time zone.
  4. Sync your Fitbit device.

How do I reset my Fitbit clock face?

To change your clock face:

  1. With your device nearby, in the Fitbit app, tap the Today tab your profile picture your device image.
  2. Tap Clock Faces.
  3. Browse the available clock faces. Tap the clock face you want Install.
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Does Fitbit automatically change time?

Within the Fitbit app on your mobile device, select Options > Advanced Settings > Time Zone. By default, it automatically changes time zones whenever your device is relocated to a different region. … From now on, no matter where you go, your Fitbit will remain within the same time zone.

How do I reset the clock face on my Fitbit versa?

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  1. Press and hold the back (left) and bottom buttons until you see the Fitbit logo on the screen. This should take less than 10 seconds.
  2. Let go of the buttons.

How do you restart a Fitbit?

Press the button on your charging cable 3 times within a few seconds, briefly pausing between presses. The button is on the end of the charging cable that is plugged into your computer. When you see the Fitbit logo and the tracker vibrates, this means the tracker has restarted.

How do I manually change the time on my Fitbit?

For Android

  1. From the Fitbit app dashboard, tap the Account icon.
  2. Tap Advanced Settings.
  3. Turn off the Automatic time zone option.
  4. Tap Select time Zone and select the correct time zone.
  5. Sync your tracker.

Does Fitbit have 24 hour clock?

By default the Charge 3 displays 12 hour clock format, i.e. 01:15 instead of 13:15, but you can change it to 24 hour format.

Why is my Fitbit running slow?

The most common issues that slow Fitbit devices are software updates, too many open apps, settings, Bluetooth reception, and low battery. Luckily, almost all of these things are solved, at least in the short term, by resetting your device.

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How do I change my display on the Fitbit app?

Android: Scroll down to the bottom of the Dashboard screen and tap Edit. The Fitbit app displays a Remove (–) icon in the upper-left corner of each displayed tile and an Add (+) icon in the upper-left corner of each hidden tile.