Why are nixie tube clocks so expensive?

Clocks and watches are so expensive not only because of the tubes but also because of the high voltage supply. Nixie clocks require extremely efficient components, and you have to pay for them, as well.

How long do Nixie tube clocks last?

Average longevity of Nixie tubes varied from about 5,000 hours for the earliest types, to as high as 200,000 hours or more for some of the last types to be introduced. There is no formal definition as to what constitutes “end of life” for Nixies, mechanical failure excepted.

Why did they stop making Nixie tubes?

In the 1970s, Nixies were eclipsed by LEDs, which were not only much cheaper to make and use but also more versatile. The tubes might have died the lonely death of countless other obsolete devices—and yet they did not. Some Nixies lingered on in legacy equipment, of course.

Do Nixie tubes use a lot of power?

Although the voltage is high, the amount of current flowing is very small, so the clocks do not use much power. They only consume about 3 to 4 Watts of power, and consequently generate almost no heat. The tubes are not hot or even warm to the touch.

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Are Nixie tubes toxic?

It’s somewhat safe but potentially lethal. I tested everything with a meter and shorted all leads together to make sure mains are off. Be careful and think twice before you do anything.

Are Nixie clocks safe?

Are Nixie Tubes Safe? They are completely safe. Just do not stick your fingers inside the the clock or you might get shocked!

Are Nixie tubes still being made?

The last nixie tube was made in the early 90s, when this beautiful technology was replaced by lower-cost alternatives. But production has now resumed in the Czech Republic.

What is the meaning Nixie?

noun. a letter or parcel that is undeliverable by the post office because of a faulty or illegible address.

Who invented Nixie tubes?

The first stable and well-functioning nixie tube construction was invented by Haydu Brothers Laboratories, which was founded by two Hungarian brothers namely George Haydu and Zoltan Haydu in 1936.

How much voltage does a nixie tube need?

Nixie tubes require high voltages (>170 volts) to illuminate. A single anode is connected to a high voltage source via a dropping resistor and cathodes shaped like numbers are grounded to make them illuminate. Drivers, then, must be capable of withstanding the driving voltage.

Are Nixie tubes efficient?

Efficiency ranges from around 65% for 3.7V in, up to around 80% for 5V and 12V.

Are Nixie clocks a fire hazard?

Our clocks are powered from power adaptor which is able to deliver only 24W, in case of short-circuit of any kind in the clock/tube, the power adaptor cuts off the power. No risk of setting surroundings on fire.

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What is nixie tube poisoning?

Nixie tubes tend to develop a phenomenon called “cathode poisoning” on digits that are no in regular use. To make sure the digits in your clock stays in good condition, all of them needs to be exercised regularly. This is done by running a “cathode poisoning prevention routine” regularly.