Where does Gobi go after Click Clock Wood?

He reappears in Click Clock Wood in Summer and Autumn, where Banjo and Kazooie again take some of his water to water the huge plant near the Bigbutt. After this, Gobi is fed up with the duo and leaves for “the lava world”.

How many mumbo tokens are in Click Clock Wood?

There are 25 Mumbo Tokens located in Click Clock Wood.

Where are the acorns in Click Clock Wood?

Swim down to the acorn at the bottom of the water. Walk up the center pathway and walk to the other side of the circular path. Back flip to reach the first acorn. Jump from the left side of the circular pathway and into the center to grab the acorn in the middle.

How do you get the 640 note door in Banjo-Kazooie?

Before Click Clock Wood

Go to the room with the Gruntilda head and enter the door that takes you to the room filled with water. From here, jump up the platforms to the note door (640 notes required) above.

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How do you get jiggy in gruntilda’s eye?

In the church, jump from the top of the organ to a Flight Pad on an candle holder on the left. Use it to fly up to the wooden railings at the top. The Honeycomb Piece will be above the wood closer to the organ. Hit the switch to have a Jiggy appear in the eye of the Gruntilda’s head statue.

Where is the 450 note door in Banjo-Kazooie?

The 5th Note Door requires 450 Notes to open. It leads from the Grunty Face Statue room to the Water-Level Raising Room.

Where is the pink Jinjo in Click Clock Wood?

Green – (Spring) In the Snarebear at the top of the tree path. Orange – (Autumn) On top of a pile of leaves next to the flower garden. Pink – (Spring) In the beehive; only obtainable as the Bee.

How do you get jiggy in a beehive?

Inside the nest, there is a Jinjo on the top of the large stack of honeycombs. In the Summer, there is a pad on top that you can beak bust open and go inside. Once inside, you will face the Zubbas in a show down to the death for a Jiggy.

How many Jiggies do you need to beat Banjo Kazooie?

There are, however, a total of 131 Jiggies in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. In Banjo-Kazooie, the player will be left with two spare Jiggies after completing all eleven empty pictures in Grunty’s Lair.

Where is the third water switch in Banjo Kazooie?

The third is in the first room after the 450 note door; however, unlike the other switches, this one only works for 30 seconds at a time.

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Where are all the mumbo tokens in Banjo-Kazooie?

Banjo-Kazooie 100% COMPLETE Mumbo Tokens FAQ!

  • In the fireplace in Napper’s room.
  • In a barrel in the cellar.
  • Behind a grave near the chapel.
  • In the clock on the roof of the chapel.
  • At the back of the hedge maze.
  • By the ramp you use as a pumpkin to get on the house roof.
  • In the sink in the bathroom.

Where is gruntilda’s lair?

Gruntilda’s Lair appears in Spiral Mountain in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, although it cannot be entered, as its entrance is blocked by immovable rocks.

What does the pumpkin do in Banjo-Kazooie?

Pumpkin Banjo is the native transformation of Mad Monster Mansion. It has no attacks or remarkable abilities, but its small size allows it to fit into small openings which Banjo and Kazooie would not normally be able to enter, even inside Loggo the toilet.