What is word clock used for?

Word clock is used by the receiving digital device to lock to the incoming digital signal. Every digital device, from a simple, portable CD player to a Pro Tools HD rig, has a word clock. Not to be confused with sync clock (like MTC or SMPTE), word clock is what tells an A/D or D/A converter when to begin each sample.

What is the purpose of a word clock?

A word clock is a nifty bit of technology that has the sole purpose of keeping perfect time and preventing data errors with digital audio. Many of today’s most widely-used digital audio formats, such as S/PDIF, AES/EBU, ADAT, and TDIF use word clock.

Do I need to use word clock with Adat?

You shouldn’t need the word clock. I didn’t when I did the same thing with RME gear. You just set the your ADAT expansion box/mixer/whatever to take timing from the ADAT interface.

What is a word clock generator?

A word-clock generator will centralize all of the timing of various pieces of digital equipment, reducing accumulated timing errors between the individual units that make up a digital recording chain.

What does word clock embedded mean?

Word Clock is a timing reference for digital audio devices. … Word Clock provides a measurement of the passing of time at the speed of the sample rate. It allows multiple digital audio devices to synchronise with one another. Word clock may be embedded in a digital audio signal or generated and transmitted separately.

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What is BNC word clock?

The word clock is a square wave signal that is transmitted via a 75Ω BNC connector. … The ideal way to sync a digital studio is with a low jitter master clock generator that connects a discrete clock output to each digital audio device.

What is clocking in music?

In music, it’s all about time and synchronization. Think of a metronome or a click track — or the drummer — whatever it is that generates the pulse that keeps the music locked together, keeps the groove, and maintains the tempo. We can think of that as “macro-level” clocking.

How does a world clock work?

A world clock is a clock which displays the time for various cities around the world. The display can take various forms: … A moving circular map of the world, rotating inside a stationary 24-hour dial ring. Alternatively, the disc can be stationary and the ring moving.

Can you daisy chain word clock?

So most clock generator manufacturers strongly advise that you not daisy chain using the in-to-out connectors on your audio devices. One tech rep put it this way: “Every (passive) daisy chaining of clock lines degrades the quality of your clock signals regarding their jitter performance and voltage level.”

What does Adat stand for?


Acronym Definition
ADAT Alesis Digital Audio Tape
ADAT Alcohol and Drug Action Team
ADAT Allied Directorate of Air Transport (various armed forces)
ADAT Advance Diet As Tolerated

Does AES EBU carry clock?

With the exception already mentioned of the MADI interface, all of the AES3 interfaces and the ADAT Lightpipe system are self-clocking — that is, they all carry an embedded clock from the source. So, in a simple system, a receiving device can be synchronised just to the embedded clock from the source device.

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What is a master clock audio?

The master clock is controlling the rhythm of the CD player by telling the DAC chip exactly when to convert the audio signal from digital to analog. To have the best possible sound, it is vital to have a master clock that has a very stable clock frequency and lowest possible jitter.