What is a wound up clock?

phrasal verb. 1wind something up, wind up somethingMake a clock or other device operate by turning a handle or key. ‘he wound up the clock every Saturday night’

What does wound up like an 8 day clock mean?

If you didn’t wind the spring tight enough, the clock would run down early, so wound up like a ten day clock means being very tense indeed.

What is meant by wound up?

adjective [usually verb-link ADJECTIVE] If someone is wound up, they are very tense and nervous or angry. Synonyms: tense, strained, wired [slang], nervous More Synonyms of wound up.

What is wind up clock?

Windup clocks and watches are designed to have springs that will store enough energy to keep the mechanism working for a day or more. Clockwork toys aren’t anything like as well made (or as impressive) and if you get more than a minute or two’s entertainment for your thirty seconds or so of winding you’re doing well.

How does a windup clock work?

A windup clock is also termed as a mechanical clock as it runs on the simple principle of energy stored in a coiled spring. When you wind the clock, the spring inside winds up and the energy used by you in winding, gets stored within the coiled spring as potential energy.

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Can you stop an 8-day clock?

Eight-day clocks were designed so they only had to be wound every eighth day and the movement only turned in a clockwise direction. Therefore, someone with an appearance objectionable enough to stop the clock and send the movement spinning in the wrong and opposite direction would be ugly indeed.

How does an 8-day clock work?

What is an 8-day clock? The term refers to a clock with a mechanical movement or works that must be wound once per week with a key. … In each case the number of days refers to the period of time the clock will run until it requires winding.

Is winded up correct?

1. To come or bring to a finish; end: when the meeting wound up; wind up a project. 2. To put in order; settle: wound up her affairs before leaving the country.

What’s another word for wound up?

What is another word for wound up?

tense upset
stressed out agitated
anxious uptight
keyed up worried
edgy nervous

What does wound up tight mean?

adjective. If someone is wound up, they are very tense and nervous or angry. “My caddie got so wound up I had to calm him down,” Lancaster said. Synonyms: tense, strained, wired [slang], nervous More Synonyms of wound up.

How does a spring wound clock work?

The way a spring loaded clock works is that it utilizes the potential energy stored in a wound spring to turn gears that are then stopped and restarted by the escape mechanism which makes the movements of the watches hands move at a certain rate.

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What’s inside the clock?

Main Wheel: The gear train of a clock. Escape Wheel: The pendulum or the toothed wheel that rotates in the escapement of a clock. Minute Hand: The longer hand that indicates minutes. Hour Hand: The shorter hand that points to the hour.

Does a wind up toy that is wound up and moving?

The energy associated with the motion and position of an object is mechanical energy. 6. The drawing shows a wind-up toy. … When it is released, the toy will move.