Quick Answer: What can I do with an old mantel clock?

What can I turn an old clock into?

Just take a look at these fabulous ideas and then start thinking about how you can repurpose an old clock.

  • Clock bookshelf (h/t Life On Nickelby) …
  • Photo frame (h/t Design Sponge) …
  • Medical kit (h/t Prodigal Pieces) …
  • Doily decoration (h/t Madly Happy Home) …
  • Monogram decoration (h/t The Toasted Coconut)

Is my old clock worth anything?

For your antique clock to be worth anything, it must be the real thing. If it is a 20th-century reproduction of an 18th-century German cuckoo clock, it won’t be highly desirable. If you can verify the period it’s from, your antique clock will be worth more.

How do you dispose of old clocks?

If you have clocks or watches that need to be recycled bring them down to our drop off location or call California Electronics Recycler at (800) 282-3927 today. You may be eligible for a free business pickup.

How do I identify an old mantel clock?

Using the Maker’s Name or Company Name to Identify an Antique Clock

  1. Engraved or printed near the center face of the dial.
  2. Engraved or printed around the edge of the dial’s face and may be covered by the bezel.
  3. Stamped or engraved on the clock movement’s backplate.
  4. A paper label pasted on the back of the clock.
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What are the most valuable antique clocks?

The 5 Most Expensive Clocks Ever Sold at Auction

  • Flamingo and lotus automation clock – $1.2M.
  • Magpie’s treasure nest – $2.3M.
  • Thomas Tompion Clock – $2M.
  • #2. Chinese Ormolu clock (1736-1795) – $4M.

How big should a mantel clock be?

Generally, a clock will be between six to eighteen inches (about 15 cm to 45 cm). A smaller clock might measure around 8.5 inches (21 cm), and a medium clock sits around 12 to 24 inches (30 to 60 cm), while a larger clock can be between 24 to 32 inches (60 to 81 cm).

How big should a clock be above mantle?

The center of your clock will hang 12 inches above the mantel. If you want to hang your clock 8 inches above your mantel, the center of your clock will be 8 inches above your mantel.

Are wall clocks recyclable?

Wall clocks can be designed in modern and retro styles, whimsical and surprising or elegant and classy. … Depending on your personal taste and budget you can make modern wall clocks recycling wood, metal, paper and plastic items.

What can I do with old watches that don’t work?

Here are some ideas on what you can do with your old time-keeping device.

  • Bring It to a Watchmaker.
  • Contact the Manufacturer.
  • Give It To a Non-Profit Organization.
  • Disassemble It Yourself.
  • Get Creative.
  • Declutter.
  • Support Disabled Veterans.
  • Support a Non-Profit Organization.