Quick Answer: How do I review old workouts on Apple Watch?

Can you see past workouts on Apple Watch?

4 Answers. You can view all your past workouts (per day) on the iPhone Activity app! It gives you all the same information you see when you save the workout on your watch. You can also view past workouts in the Health app (Workouts data in the Fitness section).

How do I restore activity data on Apple Watch?

How to restore Apple Watch from iCloud Backup

  1. Tap on the Watch app.
  2. Tap Start Pairing if no Watches are paired, Tap your current Watch at the top and then Pair a new Apple Watch if you’d like to pair a second.
  3. Once the Watch has paired, tap Restore from Backup.
  4. Choose the backup you’d like to restore.

Can you reopen a workout on Apple Watch?

On Apple Watch, do any of the following: Pause a workout: Press the side button and the Digital Crown at the same time. You can also swipe right, then tap Pause. Resume a workout: Press the side button and the Digital Crown at the same time, or swipe right and tap Resume.

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How do I review workouts on Apple Watch?

Review your workout route and pace

  1. On your Apple Watch: Open the Settings app , go to Privacy > Locations Services, tap Apple Watch Workout, then tap While Using the App.
  2. On your iPhone: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, tap Apple Watch Workout, then tap While Using the App.

How do I track exercise on Apple Watch?

Start a workout on Apple Watch

  1. Open the Workout app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Turn the Digital Crown to the workout you want to do. …
  3. To set a goal, tap .
  4. Choose a calorie, time, distance, or open goal (meaning that you’ve set no particular goal but still want your Apple Watch to track your workout).

How do I restore Apple Health data?

Locate your device on iTunes and click on the “Restore iPhone”. There you will be able to choose the backup you want to restore and it will have your Health Data. Don’t disconnect your device until the process isn’t done.

Does unpairing Apple Watch lost activity data?

When you unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone, the watch is backed up completely to your iPhone to make sure that the latest data is saved. … This means that when you set up a new iPhone and restore it from backup, your latest Apple Watch data is also restored.

Why did my Apple Watch activity disappeared?

Make sure you have enough storage space in iCloud. Open Settings>Your name>iCloud and check that Health is on, or turn it on. Still in Settings>Your name>iCloud tap iCloud Backup and ensure it is enabled. Tap Back Up Now to make a backup and wait for it to complete.

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How do I Unpause exercise on Apple Watch?

End, pause, or lock your workout

Or you can press both the Digital Crown and the side button at the same time. To resume, press both buttons again.

How do I Unpause my workout on my Apple Watch?

It sounds like you are talking about the Workout app on the Apple Watch. Force Touch the display to bring up the Pause/End screen. If it’s currently paused, the pause button changes to resume. To end or pause a Workout, Force Touch the display to see Pause/End.

How do I edit a workout on my Apple Watch?

Tap on workout,then tap on the workout with the date you got from above and swipe left on that workout and tap on delete. Then you can add a new workout in the health app.