How does Homebase time clock work?

How do I use the clock at Homebase?

Sign into your Homebase account on the web at Select Settings. Select Time Clock Options. Check the box that read “Mobile Time Clock”

How employees clock in:

  1. Open the Homebase mobile app.
  2. Tap the clock icon.
  3. Confirm clock in.

What is time clock on Homebase?

Homebase’s mobile time clock integrates with the top payroll providers so you can save time each week instead of dealing with the large headache that payroll paperwork can bring. Homebase will also help you track requests for paid time off and paid sick leave, making it easier to report each pay period.

Does Homebase track your activity?

The Homebase free Android time tracking app is as easy, with the same functionality as the Homebase iOS App. … All from their Android phones. Your managers can choose the address from which your employees will be able to clock in or out. You can be sure they’re on location when their shift begins.

Does Homebase automatically clock out?

Homebase time clocks turn hours worked into streamlined online time cards. Automatically remind employees when they forget to clock out. … Calculate hours and wages for payroll, including PTO, breaks, and overtime.

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Is Homebase time clock really free?

I really love it because all of my employees can see the scheduling on their phones, because it comes with an app. Again, it’s free. It’s very easy to use. One of the best things I love about it is I don’t have to manually add up my employees hours when I have to do payroll.

Is Homebase time clock free?

For example, even their basic free plan offers unlimited scheduling so you can create predictive schedules — even if your state doesn’t mandate them yet. By making it easy to follow the rules, Homebase is a scheduling tool both you and your employees will love to use.

How do I check my hourly pay on Homebase?

View your earnings history

  1. Open your Homebase Employee Scheduling app.
  2. Tap More on the lower right side of the navigation bar.
  3. Tap Earnings.
  4. Select the date range for which you’d like to view your earnings.
  5. You can view the details of your earnings.

How does Homebase track your location?

Our technology allows you create a geo-fence around a certain location. Then, the app uses the GPS on an employee’s phone to ensure they’re clocking in at the right site.

Does Homebase track your location at all times?

Homebase Provides for Free Mobile GPS Time Clock

Homebase app provides the employer with the ability to track the employee and enable them to clock in at the place they are working even if it is a remote location.

How do you break on Homebase?

How to set up break rules for employees

  1. Sign in to your Homebase account on a computer.
  2. Select the Settings tab in the top navigation bar.
  3. Select Breaks & Compliance from the navigation bar on the left.
  4. Click the drop down to view the break requirements for your state.
  5. You can add a break rule by clicking Add New Break.
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How does Homebase app work?

Homebase is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling solution that helps human resources personnel organize and manage employee schedules, timesheets and payroll. … Users can build employee schedules using a drag-and-drop interface. Schedules can be sent to employees via text message or email.

How can I track my hours at work?

At a glance: How you can track employee hours worked

  1. Pen and paper.
  2. Desktop or kiosk time clocks.
  3. Mobile apps.
  4. Geofencing and GPS tracking.
  5. Biometric clock-in.
  6. Browser plug-ins and URL tracking.