How do you date a LeCoultre Atmos clock?

Where is the serial number on a LeCoultre Atmos clock?

The Serial Number of an Atmos Clock is usually located on the top of the Movement, by the Speed Adjustment Lever.

What is an Atmos clock worth?

The value of an Atmos clock may lie in its condition more than in its serial number or age. The most common Atmos types in fairly good condition can fetch anywhere from $300 to upward of $1,000. This is for model numbers 519, 526, 528 and 540. These clocks have the standard brass and gold-plated cases.

How long do Atmos Clocks last?

Since most Atmos Clocks run up to 20 years (or longer) before needing service, once your clock has been repaired and providing the clock is given proper care, you can expect your clock to run for many years before needing service again.

Where are Atmos Clocks made?

Atmos is the brand name of a mechanical torsion pendulum clock manufactured by Jaeger-LeCoultre in Switzerland which does not need to be wound manually. It gets the energy it needs to run from temperature and atmospheric pressure changes in the environment, and can run for years without human intervention.

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How does a lecoultre clock work?

When the temperature rises, the gas expands, which in turn expands the capsule. When the temperature falls, the gas contracts, which in turn reduces the size of the capsule. Each time the capsule changes, it activates a small chain, which winds the clock. The genius of the system lies in its extreme sensitivity.

How do I clean my Atmos clock?

Clean the Exterior

Never use harsh chemicals on it and be gentle when cleaning. Cotton swabs can be helpful for getting into corners and tight spots. Take your Atmos clock to a professional for regular maintenance to ensure it is clean and will be running at optimal levels for its lifetime.

How accurate are Atmos clocks?

All the components of the Atmos® clock are amazingly accurate and dependable; hence it has virtually wear-free operation. Nevertheless, as a result of pollution in the surrounding atmosphere, it is recommended that you should have your clock checked and serviced regularly.

How do I fix my Atmos clock?

To restart an Atmos that has abruptly stopped – have the Pendulum in the UNLOCKED Position and slowly move the MINUTE HAND (only) around one complete turn clockwise; do not touch the hour hand. This should restart the Pendulum rotation again. Afterwards, Set the clock to the correct time using the minute hand only.

How do you change the time on a Atmos clock?

To set your Atmos clock to the right time (including the summer/winter time change), move the minute hand forward with one finger. Note: never turn the minute hand anti-clockwise and never touch the hour hand. Make sure that the balance is locked before setting your clock.

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What makes an Atmos clock work?

Here’s how it works: inside every Atmos clock is a capsule filled with ethylene chloride gas. As temperature rises and falls, the gas expands or contracts, making the capsule expand or contract in turn. … A slowly twisting wire used to produce isochronal oscillations in a clock is known as a torsion pendulum.

When was the Atmos clock invented?

The first Atmos clock was born in 1928 when a Neuchatel engineer called Jean-Leon Reutter built a clock driven quite literally by air. Alongside work within the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop, the Atmos clock was crafted in 1936 into a technical marvel that could not only be patented but work functionally.

What is an anniversary clock?

Definition of anniversary clock

: a clock with a slow torsion pendulum that enables it to run as long as 400 days on a single winding. — called also four-hundred-day clock.