How do I sync my Apple Watch to Strava?

How do I connect my Apple Watch to Strava?

Connecting Strava and the Apple Health App

Select Applications, Services, and Devices > Health > Select the plus sign icon. Tap Connect on the next screen. You’ll be taken to the Health Access page where you can enable the sharing of data from Strava to Health.

Can you sync Apple watch workouts to Strava?

Apple Watch users can now directly sync their workouts automatically to Strava without a third-party workaround thanks to a new HealthKit update released this week. … Open the Strava app and select Settings. Head to “Applications, Services, and Devices,” then select Health. Confirm by selecting Connect.

Why isn’t my watch activity syncing?

If your Apple Watch still isn’t syncing, you can use the force sync method. … Next, from the “My Watch” tab, select the “General” option. From here, swipe down to the bottom of the page and tap on the “Reset” option. In the new menu, tap on the “Reset Sync Data” button.

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Why won’t my Apple Watch connect to Strava?

My activity isn’t syncing from my Apple Watch app.

With the Strava app open on the watch, open the Strava iPhone app go to You > Activities, and pull down on the feed to refresh the feed and this will trigger a sync. If that doesn’t work, restart both the Apple Watch and the iPhone and repeat the steps above.

Why is my Strava not syncing?

Try recording a new activity, saving, and uploading that activity to see if it pushes any missing or pending uploads to your account. Log out and then back into the Strava app. Turn your phone off and then back on again. Make sure you are in an area with good data coverage or, even better, connect via WiFi.

Why is Apple Watch distance different to Strava?

Especially workouts recorded with the Apple Watch “Workout” app tend to show a shorter distance on Strava. This is most often caused by the route cutting corners and bends as shown in the example below. For some workouts this can easily shorten the distance by 5% or more.

Does Strava work on Apple watch without iPhone?

You can use the Strava app on your Apple Watch without your iPhone, but you’ll need to have a Series 2 or 3 Apple Watch. The Strava Apple Watch app can track you as you exercise, and display real-time information on the distance you’ve traveled, your pace, and your heart rate.

How do I add Strava to Apple Watch motion and fitness?

Update Health Access for Strava App

  1. Go through the Strava Setup Checklist.
  2. Turn on Motion & Fitness.
  3. Tap on Sync With Health.
  4. Turn All Catagories On or Select the Access for Data Types.
  5. Tap on Allow.
  6. Tap on Continue and follow the Steps.
  7. Install and Setup Strava on Apple Watch (if you are using).
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How do I sync Apple Watch and iPhone activity?

On your iPhone, go to: Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness – check that both Fitness Tracking and Health are enabled. On your iPhone, in the Watch app, go to: My Watch > Privacy > check that both Fitness Tracking and Heart Rate are enabled.

How do I sync Apple Watch to activity app?

swipe up on Apple Watch to access Glances. In the Settings glance, touch the Airplane to put the watch in “Airplane Mode”. That disconnects Apple Watch from iPhone. Touch the Airplane again to reconnect Apple Watch to iPhone and the activity app automatically syncs.

How do you sync Apple Watch?

Turn on, pair, and set up your Apple Watch

To turn on your Apple Watch, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo. Bring your iPhone near your Apple Watch, wait for the Apple Watch pairing screen to appear on your iPhone, then tap Continue.