How do I connect map My Walk to Apple Watch?

In order to use data from your Apple watch (or other connected devices), you’ll need to sync up Apple HealthKit with your MapMyFitness, MapMyRun or MapMyWalk app. After doing so, please navigate to your phone settings > Privacy > Health > MapMy app> and make sure Active Energy and Workouts are turned on.

How do I get a map of my daily walk on my Apple Watch?

After tapping to view the workout, tap on the map icon (under the heading “Route”) to open a full size view of your route. You can get a route of your daily walks. Use outdoor walk on your watch, and make sure you have your phone with you if have 1st Gen watch.

Can I get map My Walk for Apple Watch?

Download the MapMy app onto your iPhone from the App Store. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, select the My Watch tab, scroll down to the Available Apps section and select to Install the MapMy app on your watch. … Go into the Apps & Devices section and select the Apple Watch option.

Why didn’t my Apple Watch map My Walk?

To see the map, you must turn on route tracking. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services,turn location services on then tap Apple Watch Workout, then tap While Using the App. Then tap on maps then tap While using the app. Then tap on System Services and turn on motion calibration and distance.

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How do I sync map My Walk?

Syncing MapMyFitness data to Lose It!

  1. Open Lose It!
  2. Go to Profile button (top right corner)
  3. In the Automatic Tracking Section select MapMyFitness.
  4. If not already connected, use in-app instructions to connect.
  5. If connected, view sync options.
  6. Ensure the items you want MapMyFitness to send us are enabled.

How do you map walking distance on iPhone?

Measure distance between points

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Maps app .
  2. Touch and hold anywhere on the map that isn’t a place’s name or icon. …
  3. Select Measure distance .
  4. Move the map so that the black circle is on the next point you want to add.
  5. At the bottom right, tap Add point .

How do I track my walking route on my iPhone?

The Health app gathers health data from your iPhone, Apple Watch, and apps that you already use, so you can view all your progress in one convenient place. Health automatically counts your steps, walking, and running distances.

Why is Map My Walk not working?

App tip: If you’re getting an error with any of our apps, please try the following: 1) Make sure you have the most updated version; if so, 2) please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app (if you use our Plus apps, you will not be charged again).

How do I see my route on Apple Watch?

To see the route, you must have an Apple Watch Series 2 or later or have your iPhone with you during the workout. You must also turn on route tracking: On your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, tap Apple Watch Workout, then tap While Using the App.

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