How do I add a countdown clock to my Facebook page?

Log in to your Facebook account and type “countdown clock” (without quotes) in the search field on the page. Click the “See more results for countdown clock” link that displays in the drop-down list, and then click the “Apps” link on the left side to bring up all the applications that perform this task.

Can I add a countdown timer to my Facebook page?

You can install a countdown clock on your Facebook page by installing the countdown clock app offered on the Facebook website. The app allows you to customize the color, time, date and type of event that you wish to display. The countdown clock can then be added to your wall, fan page or even a friend’s wall.

How do you put a timer on Facebook?

Go to the settings page on either app and select either Your Time on Facebook or Your Activity. At the top is a dashboard showing average time spent on the app you are using. Underneath is the option to set up a daily reminder that will send an alert when you have reached the time you have allowed yourself.

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Is there an app for a countdown clock?

What is the best timer app? While there are thousands of timer applications available for Android and iPhone users, Interval Timer and Timer+ have got excellent reviews from hundreds of thousands of users. They are perfect for multi-taskers and busy people.

How do I get a countdown app on my home screen?

Go back to your Home Screen, then tap and hold until all of your icons start to wiggle. In the top right corner, tap the plus sign to add a widget. Scroll down until you see the Eventime widget for your event. Tap it, and you’ll see options for the widget size and which events the widget includes.

Where is App Center on Facebook?

You can get to it by clicking the App Center link in the left sidebar on any page of Facebook. The App Center gives you the tools you need to find games and apps that are popular across Facebook and with your friends.

How do you put a timer on Facebook Messenger?

Just open a conversation, hit the options key and select Secret Conversation. You can even choose to make your messages disappear, by tapping the clock icon in the text box and setting a timer.

What does a clock next to a Facebook post mean?

Each Facebook Timeline profile now has a tiny clock icon in the status window update, allowing you to place items on your wall in the past. … Timeline urges you to share more personal content, and make that content more social than it was on your old Facebook profile.

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Where is your time on Facebook?

Step 1: Tap the three horizontal lines in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Step 2: Scroll down and tap “Settings & Privacy.” Step 3: Tap “Your Time on Facebook.”

Is there a free countdown widget?

As a free download, Countdowns offers the following features: – Gorgeous, colorful widgets on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. – An unlimited number of timers. – Repeating timers which are perfect for birthdays and similar events.

How do I put a countdown clock on my phone?


  1. Open your phone’s Clock app .
  2. At the top, tap Timer.
  3. Enter how long you want the timer to run.
  4. Tap Start .
  5. When your timer finishes, you’ll hear beeping. To stop the beeping, tap Stop .

How do you use the countdown star app?

Countdown Star is the countdown app that lets you choose which favorite events to add! * Swipe the slider to adjust the units of time for the selected event. * Share the selected event’s time with a friend via message, email or social media. Note: The paid version of Countdown Star does not contain advertisements.