Frequent question: Where is the clock in Zozo?

First, go to the “Inn” (north of the “Cafe”) and check the clock.

Where do I go after Jidoor ff6?

From Jidoor go south to the Opera House (taking a Chocobo makes the trip much faster).

How do you get the chainsaw in ff3?

Entering “6:10:50” into the clock will open a portion of the wall on the right side of the room. Climb up the stairs and open the chest to receive Edgar’s chainsaw weapon.

How do I get to Zozo?

To go to Zozo, go east and north of Jidoor. You can rent a Chocobo in Jidoor and ride it to Zozo if you want to avoid battles.

How do you get cyan in ff6?

After the battle, exit to the south; this way will lead to a small room covered in silk flowers. There is a letter on the table, and locked treasure chest right by the door. Read the letter to confirm that Cyan has been writing to Lola, and then go through the door to find him.

What is the time in Zozo ff6?

Since everyone in Zozo lies except for the man just outside the Inn, they will tell the player what time it is not, and by process of elimination the player can figure out the correct time: 6:10:50.

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How do I get Gogo in Final Fantasy 6?

Anywho, to find Gogo, you’ll need to head to the small northeastern island near the corner of the map. Land there and walk around, looking for the Zone Eater. In battle, rather than kill it, let it use Inhale on your whole party. Then you’ll be inside a monster.

What does capture do in ff6?

Capture may refer to: The recurring ability that attacks and steals items. The recurring ability that catches weakened enemies.

Who invented chain saw?

Final Fantasy VI

Drill is an ability for Edgar, which deals unblockable non-elemental physical damage to one target with a Battle power of 191 which ignores the target’s Defense. It can be obtained by buying the item in Figaro Castle after the Narshe battle sequence or by stealing it from Fortis.