Frequent question: What did Scrooge think happened to the clock?

What did he think had happened? When scrooge woke up he realized that the clock said it was 12 o’clock, but he went to bed at 2. Scrooge thought that an icicle had got stuck in the clock work. … The spirit told him that he was there for Scrooge’s welfare.

What confused Scrooge about the clock?

Scrooge believed the “preposterous” clock must be wrong: He checked his own “repeater;” it, too, read 12 o’clock. Believing that it might be 12 noon, Scrooge rushed to the window and discovered it was still dark outside.

What did Scrooge think was odd about the hour the clock struck?

1) What was perplexing to Scrooge about the time? It was perplexing to scrooge that he went to bed past 2AM, but his clock struck midnight a few hours later. … Scrooge wanted to the spirit to put the cap on his head to extinguish the light on the ghost’s head.

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What happened when the clock struck one a Christmas carol?

So Scrooge decided to lie awake and wait what happens. Suddenly, the clock struck one. Light flashed up in the room and a small hand drew back the curtains of his bed. … The ghost took Scrooge back in time, to a place where Scrooge was a boy.

What was strange about the clock in stave 2?

A Christmas Carol Stave 2. Scrooge wakes in the darkness and hears the bells of a nearby church tolling twelve. He realizes that it is impossible for the hour to be midnight because it was almost two o’clock when he went to sleep, yet it is too dark for it to be noon.

What time does Scrooge’s clock stop at?

“Are spirits’ lives so short?” asked Scrooge. “My life upon this globe is very brief,” replied the Ghost. “It ends to-night […] at midnight. Hark!

Why was Scrooge confused when he woke up at midnight?

Why is Scrooge confused when he wakes up? Scrooge doesn’t believe he slept through an entire day. He also doesn’t understand how it could be midnight, because he remembers going to bed after two o’clock. … He is poor and hopes Scrooge will pay him more.

Why was Scrooge embarrassed crying?

Scrooge is embarrassed to cry because he is known to be a man with no emotion and does not have a single care in the world for others. Others would not be used to him crying, so he quickly became embarrassed because the act of crying is new to him. … Explain what part of his past the spirit first shows Scrooge.

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What did Scrooge see that startled him?

What did Scrooge see on his door knocker? How did he react? Marley’s face. It startled him greatly.

What happened to the way the Ghost and Scrooge looked as the night went on?

What happened to the way the Ghost and Scrooge looked as the night went on? They grew older. … This is what Scrooge could’ve had.

What happened when the clock struck one?

When the clock strikes one, a fun-loving mouse runs up the clock. … A cat gets hungry for mouse-tail stew . . . and the chase is on! Hour by hour, more animals – and even a few people – join in. The crowd charges into the barnyard, dashes through the kitchen, and eventually heads right into the middle of town.

How does Scrooge change after the Ghost of Christmas Present?

When the last of the ghosts has left and Scrooge finally awakes on Christmas day, we are shown a new man. His own heart laughed: and that was quite enough for him. Scrooge becomes generous and full of life. We see him welcomed into the homes of his family and friends and readers are delighted by his transformation.

What does Scrooge learn from the Ghost of Christmas Present?

As a result of witnessing the poor people, Scrooge learns that people can be happy even if they are without money. Scrooge views reality in purely materialist terms. The Ghost of Christmas Present shows him how the poor still find happiness when it comes to the spirit of the Holidays.

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