Frequent question: How do I export a GPX file from Apple Watch?

Open the Health app on your iPhone, and click on your avatar in the top right. At the bottom of the iPhone screen, tap Export all health data – which contains . gpx files. Then press “Export” again.

How do I export activity from Apple Watch?

How do I export data from the Health app on my iPhone?

  1. On your iPhone, open the Health app.
  2. Tap the Account icon in the top-right corner.
  3. At the bottom of the page, select Export Health Data.
  4. Confirm you want to export your Health data.
  5. Wait for Health to prepare the file.

How do I save a GPX file?

Export an Activity as a GPX file

  1. Navigate to one of your Activity pages and from the more (ellipses) menu, select “Export GPX”.
  2. The file will then download to your computer with the file extension “.

How do I get GPS data on Apple Watch?

To see the map, you must turn on route tracking. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services,turn location services on then tap Apple Watch Workout, then tap While Using the App. Then tap on maps then tap While using the app. Then tap on System Services and turn on motion calibration and distance.

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How do you get GPS data on Apple Watch?

To see the route you must turn on route tracking. You can turn on route tracking when you set up your Apple Watch, or at any time later: On your Apple Watch: Open the Settings app , go to Privacy > Locations Services, tap Apple Watch Workout, then tap While Using the App.

How do I export my activity data?

In order to get the raw export, go into the “Apple Health” app, tap on your user icon and then select “Export Health Data.” This export process may take a few minutes, and, once completed, you should then have a filed called “export. zip”. You can share the file with yourself via AirDrop, Email or any other method.

How do I share my Apple Watch data?

Share your activity from Apple Watch

  1. Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Swipe left, then turn the Digital Crown to scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  3. To add a friend, tap Invite a Friend, then tap a friend. To remove a friend, tap a friend you’re sharing with, then tap Remove.

Can you pull data from Apple Watch?

Whenever your Watch is connected to your iPhone, it’s backing up your data to your phone. You don’t have to turn on any extra settings. You’ll need backups if you ever reset or unpair your Apple Watch. Once you’ve cleared your Apple Watch’s data, you can use your backups to restore what you lost.

What do I need to download a GPX file?

To download the GPX file, follow the instructions based on which web browser you are using:

  1. Google Chrome: Right click on the icon, and choose save link as…
  2. Firefox: Right click on the icon, and choose save link as…
  3. Safari: Right click on the icon, and choose Download linked file as . . .
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What app do I need to download a GPX file?

BikeGPX is a super simple app for putting GPX route files on your phone and following them on your bike. Download it now free for iPhone and Android.

What do I do with a GPX file?

GPX files are used to exchange GPS location data, including maps, routes, and geocaching information, with others. Most commonly, fitness devices and applications, such as Garmin Connect devices, use GPX files to import and export running and biking routes.

Why did my Apple Watch not record GPS?

Check that Location Services (the main setting at the top) is turned on. In the list of apps beneath, check that Apple Watch Workout is set to While Using. If each setting is already enabled: Try briefly turning off Location Services and then turning it back on again.

Does an Apple Watch have GPS tracking?

Apple Watch Series 2 and later and Apple Watch SE have built-in GPS that allows you to get more accurate distance and speed information during an outdoor workout without your paired iPhone. … The Compass app is available on Apple Watch Series 5 and later and Apple Watch SE.

Can an Apple watch be used as a GPS tracker?

Apple Watch Series 2 can use GPS and a trusted Wi-Fi connection to show you its approximate location. Keep in mind that Apple Watch does not have built-in cellular capability, so, when it is not connected to the paired iPhone, it cannot be located without having access to a trusted Wi-Fi network.