Do you need word clock with ADAT?

You shouldn’t need the word clock. I didn’t when I did the same thing with RME gear. You just set the your ADAT expansion box/mixer/whatever to take timing from the ADAT interface.

Does AES need word clock?

S/PDIF, AES/EBU, ADAT, and TDIF are some of the formats that use a word clock. Various audio over Ethernet systems use communication protocols to distribute word clock. The device which generates the word clock is the only master clock source for all the slave audio devices.

Does AES EBU carry clock?

The AES Data Format

It is this preamble which provides the embedded word clock and marks the frame as one in a sequence of 192 (more on that in a moment…). Every frame contains two sub-frames, each conveying up to 24 bits of audio data plus some housekeeping data.

Why is word clock necessary?

At its simplest, then, the clock identifies when each sample should be recorded or replayed — and we call that a ‘word clock’ — but in practice, it often also provides other useful information, such as identifying each encoded audio channel in multi-channel systems.

Is word clock analog or digital?

Many of today’s most widely-used digital audio formats, such as S/PDIF, AES/EBU, ADAT, and TDIF use word clock.

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Does Adat carry clock?

Every piece of audio equipment has internal clocking, but if you want to use multiple devices, you need digital cables such as BNC, ADAT, or S/PDIF to synchronize them together.

What is BNC word clock?

The word clock is a square wave signal that is transmitted via a 75Ω BNC connector. … The ideal way to sync a digital studio is with a low jitter master clock generator that connects a discrete clock output to each digital audio device.

Is AES the same as XLR?

Generally speaking, AES cables use standard XLR connectors and can carry up to two channels of digital audio between audio devices. … When it’s not transmitting digital signals, an AES cable will act exactly the same as a standard XLR/microphone cable.

Is ADAT obsolete?

Although it is a tape-based format, the term ADAT now refers to its successor, the Alesis ADAT HD24, which features hard disk recording rather than the traditional tape-based ADAT, which in turn is now considered obsolete.

What is ADAT used for?

ADAT is an optical audio protocol designed to transfer digital audio to and from two audio devices. At 44.1/48kHz sample rates, ADAT can transport 8 channels of uncompressed digital audio to and from an interface and peripheral device with just one Toslink cable.

Is ADAT the same as optical?

ADAT Lightpipe uses the same type of optical cables and Toslink connectors as the S/PDIF two-channel optical digital audio protocol (discussed shortly). These cables can be purchased at your local recording-equipment store.

Where is word clock used?

Word clock is used by the receiving digital device to lock to the incoming digital signal. Every digital device, from a simple, portable CD player to a Pro Tools HD rig, has a word clock. Not to be confused with sync clock (like MTC or SMPTE), word clock is what tells an A/D or D/A converter when to begin each sample.

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What does word clock embedded mean?

Word Clock is a timing reference for digital audio devices. … Word Clock provides a measurement of the passing of time at the speed of the sample rate. It allows multiple digital audio devices to synchronise with one another. Word clock may be embedded in a digital audio signal or generated and transmitted separately.

What is a word clock generator?

A word-clock generator will centralize all of the timing of various pieces of digital equipment, reducing accumulated timing errors between the individual units that make up a digital recording chain.