Can you ship a grandfather clock?

Gently unhook it from the pendulum guide—it should unhook easily. Do not force it. Once it’s unhooked, wrap the pendulum in cloth and bubble wrap or packing paper before packing it securely inside a moving box. Pack it separately so it doesn’t get damaged, or cause damage, if it shifts in transit.

How do you transport an old grandfather clock?

At a Glance Instructions for Moving a Grandfather Clock:

  1. Remove the weights from the clock.
  2. Wrap the weights in a moving blanket to protect them from damage.
  3. Place moving blankets inside the clock to stabilize glass from the inside.
  4. Wrap the outside of the clock to protect it from damage.

Can you ship a grandfather clock laying down?

Newer grandfather clocks can be moved lying down but this puts unnecessary pressure on the panels and glass elements, increasing the risk of breaking. Older clocks need to be moved upright because of the weight of the movement and the way it is attached to the case.

How heavy is a grandfather clock?

Grandfather clocks can easily weigh between 200 and 300 pounds. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see a grandfather clock that weighs several hundred pounds. This means that moving it solo can cause you injury and damage your clock.

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How do I ship an old wall clock?

Safe Shipping of Antique Clocks

  1. it is better not to move a clock until its movement stops;
  2. all sensitive components (e.g., pendulum and weights) should be necessarily removed from the clock and packed separately using bubble wrap;
  3. cables and chains should also be packed separately in the bubbled bag;

What is the best way to ship a grandfather clock?

Pack the internal components into a heavy-duty moving box.

Secure them in place with bubble wrap, crumpled packing paper, or ideally, specially fitted styrofoam. For antique or especially valuable grandfather clocks, crating is recommended for maximum protection.

How do you take apart a grandfather clock?

3. Disassemble Your Grandfather Clock

  1. Remove the Glass Panels. If your clock’s glass panels are removable, it’s best to pack them separately. …
  2. Protect Any Cables or Chains. …
  3. Remove and Label the Clock Weights. …
  4. Remove the Pendulum. …
  5. Protect the Chime Rods. …
  6. Remove the Glass Shelves and Decorative Parts.

What makes a grandfather clock valuable?

Craftsmanship. A big reason why the clocks are so expensive, and also why they’re so coveted, is because of the talent and craftsmanship that goes into them. A lot of skilled labour goes into making a masterpiece like a grandfather clock.

How much is a new grandfather clock?

Most of these clocks will have a selling price of $3500.00 – $6000.00, but the one on the right sells close to $20,000.00 due to the detail of the hand-carving and inlay using many different types of woods. .

Are grandfather clocks outdated?

Grandfather clocks are still being made and can be purchased online and through stores that feature fine furniture. … It can be hard to find parts for old grandfather clocks that have not been maintained, and they may require expensive overhauling to keep accurate time.

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How long does a grandfather clock last?

Most quality new grandfather clocks will run about 20+ year if you set one up and never maintain it, but oiling every few years may make the clock last a lifetime (or two).

What can I do with an old grandfather clock?

Repurposed Grandfather’s Clocks

You can re-paint the clock or add some pattern to it to make it more eye-catching. You can also repurpose the clock, for example, a living room can be completed with a shelf made of a grandfather’s clock – paint it, add colorful wallpaper inside and maybe some drawers.