Best answer: Is Apple watch compatible with Go365?

Apple Watch and Samsung Gear devices are compatible with mobile apps. Third-party devices connected through Apple Health and Samsung Health will not sync to Go365. To ensure the proper data transfers from Apple Health, please be sure to sign in to the Go365 App after your daily activity.

How do I connect my Apple Watch to Go365?

Once you’ve created your account in the Mobile App, login to your Go365 App. From the Dashboard, click on “Connect a device.” A list of App & Device Connections will be appear. Click on the App that you want to sync and select “Connect with Go365.” Once you work through the next few steps, your device is connected.

Why are my steps not showing on Go365?

Restart phone. Reinstall the Go365 Mobile app. Shealth should be under Not Connected. Reconnect Shealth, allow all permissions including “Daily Step Trends” or “Step Trends”

How do I connect my health IQ to Go365?

Sign in to the Health IQ app or website and complete a quiz on a variety of health topics. Connect your Go365 account to Health IQ then set the activity within the Go365 App to automatically earn your Points. Start a new fitness habit and submit photo proof to earn your Points.

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How often does Fitbit sync with Go365?

What is the problem? Great question! Even if you have all-day sync turned on, you still need to physically open your Fitbit app/account, and allow your tracker to sync. Once your steps are showing on your Fitbit account, they will automatically be sent to Go365 within 24-48 hours.

What is Go365 Humana?

Go365 is a wellness and rewards program that allows your employees to earn awesome rewards for healthy activities like workouts, preventive exams and more.

What happened to Samsung Health app?

According to a screenshot obtained by SamMobile, starting March 23, Samsung Health will no longer be available on Android OS 7.0 Nougat or lower. Those who own old Galaxy phones and tablets will have to upgrade to a new version of Android to keep using Samsung Health or switch to a newer phone.

Does inspire 2 track heart rate?

Make healthy a habit with Fitbit Inspire 2, the easy-to-use fitness tracker with 24/7 heart rate, Active Zone Minutes, activity and sleep tracking, up to 10 days of battery, and more.

How do I sync Samsung health with healthy 365?

Allow the Healthy 365 mobile app to access your fitness data on the Samsung Health mobile app. Select the ‘Profile’ tab and tap on the ‘My Tracker’ card. Go to ‘Home’ and tap on the ‘Sync’ button to sync for the first time. Your fitness tracker should sync automatically after the first sync.

How do I get Go365 bucks?


Bonus Bucks are awarded when a Go365 member reaches Silver, Gold and Platinum Status, and are doubled when the prior year highest Status is achieved. For example, a year one primary Go365 account holder reaches Gold Status at the end of their program year.

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What are the levels of Go365?

The Go365 Status levels are Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The higher your Status, the more activities you can unlock to earn even more Points, which gives you more opportunities to earn Bucks towards rewards like e-gift cards, movie tickets, apparel and accessories, devices, and discounts on products.

What is Go365 biometric screening?

Go365 is a voluntary wellness program available to all eligible Go365 members. The program is administered according to federal rules permitting wellness programs that seek to improve health or prevent disease.