Best answer: How do you switch accounts on an Apple Watch?

Can you switch users on an Apple Watch?

In order for two people to share an Apple Watch, each time that you wished to switch the Apple Watch between users, it would first need to be unpaired from the current user’s iPhone and then paired to the other person’s iPhone: Unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone – Apple Support. Set up your Apple Watch – Apple Support.

How do I pair an Apple Watch with a different Apple ID?

Apple Watch will be set up with the Apple ID that your iPhone is signed in to. To use a different Apple ID on your watch, you would first need to change it on your iPhone and then pair the watch.

How do I change my Apple ID on my Apple Watch?

Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch. Tap [your user name].

Tap Password & Security, then do any of the following:

  1. Change your Apple ID password: Tap Change Password, then follow the onscreen instructions.
  2. Change “Sign in with Apple” settings for an app or website: Tap Apps Using Your Apple ID, then choose an app.
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How do I remove previous owner Apple ID from Apple Watch?

Sign in with your Apple ID, and open Settings. Under My Devices, click your Apple Watch. Click X next to your device. Click Remove to confirm.

How do you unpair a watch without an iPhone?

How To Unpair Apple Watch without iPhone

  1. Put your Apple Watch on its charger.
  2. Press and hold the side button as if you were going to power it down.
  3. Do a firm press on the POWER OFF slider and let go.
  4. Tap Erase all content and settings.

How do I completely unpair my Apple Watch?

How to unpair an Apple Watch directly on the smartwatch

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Tap on the General setting.
  3. Select Reset.
  4. Tap on Erase All Content and Settings.
  5. Type in your passcode (if enabled).
  6. Tap on Erase All (or, if you have a cellular plan and wish to keep it, Erase All & Keep Plan).

How do you unlink an Apple ID from an Apple Watch?

How to remove your Apple ID from an Apple Watch

  1. On the My Watch tab, tap the watch at the top of the screen. …
  2. Tap the “i” to the right of the watch entry at the top of the screen. …
  3. Tap “Unpair Apple Watch” and confirm you really want to do it.

How do I reset my Apple watch with a different Apple ID?

Just unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone:

  1. Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close together.
  2. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  3. Tap the My Watch tab, then tap All Watches at the top of the screen.
  4. Tap the info button next to your Apple Watch.
  5. Tap Unpair Apple Watch. …
  6. Enter your Apple ID password. …
  7. Tap again to confirm.
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How do you delete an Apple ID account?

How to delete your Apple ID account

  1. Log into Apple’s Data and Privacy website with your Apple ID. …
  2. Under the heading Delete your account, click the link to Request to delete your account.
  3. On the new page, select a reason for deletion from the dropdown box, then click Continue.

How do I remove email account from Apple Watch?

Answer: A: Answer: A: In addition to what AFRJ has provided, if you do not wish to see email at all on the Watch, then go into the Watch app on the phone and turn off mail completely. Instead of Mirror my iPhone, tap Custom, and then turn off the accounts you do not wish to see.